jus in bello con - Misha panel the first, part the first

please don’t repost, feel free to edit with credit

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Hi. I'm Lavinia, 24, I'm from Italy, I study philosophy, I go to marches, I procrastinate a whole damn lot and I fail at being brief. I have a Bruce Springsteen obsession and I have a thing for western movies. I also write too much fanfiction. Otherwise known around the internet as janie_tangerine.

multifandom and not spoiler free. Any GOT spoiler beyond S2, books included: game of thrones spoilers - blacklist at will.

here, have a tags page and a ships and fandoms page


"You sound like Henry, man. He had a tower, too, only it wasn’t dark. Remember me telling you about Henry’s tower? We were brothers, and I guess we were gunslingers. We had this white tower, and he asked me to go after it with him the only way he could ask, so I saddled up, because he was my brother, you dig it? We got there, too. Found the White Tower. But it was poison. It killed him. It would have killed me. You saw me. You saved more than my life. You saved my fucking soul."

Eddie Dean to Roland Deschain, The Drawing of the Three, Dark Tower series book II

ps: Roland/Eddie is the Best Ship Ever and this is the truth.