indooryouth ha risposto al tuo post “How did you get into Springsteen? I saw you were a fan ever since I first followed you, but I don’t think you ever talked about this before. :)”

I remember lying on the living room floor listening to my parents Bruce vinyls… I should tell my two part story at some point probably. And you’re totally a part of part two.

…. I AM? Now I’m curious, lol. What did I do? XDDDD but aaaaah vinyls. sigh I wish my parents had vinyls and that I didn’t have to buy the few I own, but eh XD

Anonymous ASKED: How did you get into Springsteen? I saw you were a fan ever since I first followed you, but I don't think you ever talked about this before. :)

Aw well I rarely mention it because it happened ages ago so it never comes up but sure thing, LET’S TALK ABOUT BRUCE :D

Soooo, premise: I got into Bon Jovi when I was.. eleven going on twelve. And I’m really glad I did because they were my gateway into rock music but nevermind this is not about my BJ situation XD premise the second: my parents mostly like either classical or italian or french songwriters and I think that until I got into rock music the only English records in the house were two Beatles greatest hits and a Stones one, so basically I didn’t know anything other than that and I had no clue of who Springsteen was except for the guy who wrote that Born in the USA song, lol.

Soo, given the premises: since I was this much into Bon Jovi I figured the people they liked were worth checking out. And since Bruce was Jon’s favorite singer.. XD actually at the beginning it didn’t go that swimmingly because the first record of his I bought was Darkness on the Edge of Town (and because they sold it with a newspaper I bought and they said it was ‘his fundamental record’ so I had assumed it was actually Born to Run rotfl I was a sweet summer child) and I only liked Badlands, but as said I was young and stupid. Then I saw that my aunt had the live in NYC record and I asked her if I could borrow it figuring I’d give the guy another chance, AAAAND I heard that one and went like ‘holy shit WHAT WAS I MISSING OMG GIMME’ (also, tmi: when I heard American Skin for the first time I thiiink I cried, then I went and translated it myself because I used to translate songs to try and learn some English so it was exercise, and then I hung it on my bedroom door and it’s still there. /end TMI) and uhm then I just went and tried to get my hands on all the official records I could get my hands on (also: it was when in order to download records you used WINMIX. FUCKING WINMIX. I’M OLD) and between saving money, a friend of my uncle’s who was.. the kind of obsessed fan who went to see him in Milan in 1985 when he first came to Italy who burned some others for me and using Winmix (lol) I managed to get everything and the more I went on the more I went like HOLY SHIT THIS GUY HIS MUSIC *THIS FUCKING GUY*. (I probably listened to my aunt’s vinyl copy of Tunnel of Love than she ever did when she bought it probably. Too bad she had left it at the grandparents’ when she moved out lol.) Aaand then I basically spent what was left of middle school and half of HS suffering because my parents went like ‘lol absolutely not’ whenever I asked if they’d bring me to see him live (since after I got into his music he only played in northern cities and never in Rome) and then he did a solo show for.. it was the Devils & Dust tour here and like I think I cried when I got tickets and I cried when I attended and by then I was already sold (I mean, I had upgraded from ‘look for regular records’ to ‘LOOK FOR THE DEMOS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC’ on Winmix XDDD) but ugh that concert it was amazing. And thankfully after then he always came with the E-Street and I was eighteen by that point so I was going to see him wherever I liked if I could. Aaaand that was how I got into Springsteen in a not very concise post XDDD so yeah I mean I’ve been a fan for… errrrr fourteen years now oh dear. also the first new record I bought after getting into his stuff was The Rising and whenever I listen to it I get all the nostalgic feels but they’re good nostalgic feels. 

when the winter soldier dvd is out 

I’ll be very disappointed in all of fandomdom if no one makes a fanvid out of that movie to guns n’roses’ civil war

Because that was written for that movie damn it



Captain America Ice Cream Sandwiches - Video [ LINK ]


Few of the funniest things i found today





[TL;DR of your country’s history] [maps via think0]

I can vouch that the History of Canada is entirely 100% accurate.

australia; spot on. 

Lord of the Rings


the kind you save.

Anonymous ASKED: Just wanted to let you know I'm in love with your fics and you're sort of my idol when it comes to fanfic writing. Also it's because of you I fell in love with Bruce Springsteen. So thank you so, so much for your beautiful works and for introducing me to the beauty of Bruce Springsteen. You're an amazing artist and person.

asdfghjl anon thank you so much I’m so flattered I can’t even ;; really it’s totally great to know you like my stuff that much and eeee if I’m the reason you found the word of Bruce ( ;) ) I’ll totally be happy to take the blame more Bruce in someone’s life is always a good thing so I’m really glad if I was the mean XD and really thank you again, this totally made my day ;;


All he said was “Folks, my name is Outlaw Pete”

That wild thing; Bruce Springsteen

f-ckinggallaghers ASKED: Hey, just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! It's definitely on the best on here. I always look forward to seeing your Theon/robb posts on my dash. By the way, your icon is great!

Aaw omg thank you so much, you’re too nice to me ;; <333 also eeeeh I’m very proud of that icon, I’ll have to admit that. *cough* #flowercrownsmakeverythingbetter 

that time bruce springsteen broke a stadium 



The Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden was built in the 1950’s for sporting events. It hosted matches in the 1958 World Cup and stood proudly until June 1985 when the Born in the USA tour arrived in town. The enthusiasm of the bouncing crowd literally rocked the stadium structure causing so much damage that it cost millions to repair the structural collapse.

I can add that to this day, Bruce still begins the song Twist and Shout, which was what he was playing when the stadium broke, with yelling: “Here we go! THE STADIUM BREAKER!” 

bold what you prefer 


stark or lannister or targaryen or greyjoy

dorne or king’s landing or winterfell

direwolves or dragons

oberyn or doran

sansa or margaery or daenerys

the night’s watch or the kingsguard

westeros or beyond the wall

book one or two or three or four or five

the hound or the mountain that rides

the red wedding or the purple wedding

robb or joffrey or stannis or renly

queen or khaleesi

tyrion or jaime or cersei

tyrell or martell

the books or the tv show

dijun ha risposto al tuo post “dijun ha risposto al tuo post “dijun ha risposto al tuo post “dijun ha…”

No worries, I understand perfectly. Actually I don’t even remember that it was 1rst person/present tense. I think the issue come from that it’s Japanese and I feel like they prefer present tense. (although the translator could have changed it to past

oops wait I was talking about hunger games! :D I’ve never read BR so I have no clue of which person/tense it was written at, ooops sorry I answered that post without getting coffee and assumed it was about HG ops XDDDDDD