When The Avengers came out I wanted Clint and Natasha to be secret!married so bad, but now after The Winter Soldier I want it even more because Steve finds out and then his first thought is oh my god I kissed a married woman and he doesn’t know whether or not to confess because it was work-related but his conscience is eating away at him and finally he gives in but then he just can’t because Clint’s laughing so damn hard he can’t even hear himself speaking.

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buckygreyjoy ha risposto al tuo post “buckygreyjoy ha risposto al tuo post “buckygreyjoy ha risposto al tuo…”

I’m imagining Jon setting Robb up with Jeyne P. “because Jeynes are your type right old man” lmao

that’s 100% the reason why I figured Jeyne P. was an entirely…

Yes yes totally ;_______; hahaha omg then when theon shows up jon would be like ‘you could have said you were more into dudes’ ‘i thought you were supposed to know without me telling, you missed that among all your multitasking?’ At which ygritte would probably spit her beer and be like ‘you still know nothing after all’ xDDD

lbr this would be idk while they’re in the Secret Cave of Secrecy or something, while Robb is kind of reeling from everything especially the Winter Soldier’s identity (and god, maybe a part of him wanted Theon at his side before all this, but now he just feels sick and horrified and guilty) and then Jon just sits down next to him and goes

"you never told me you liked guys too" and Robb just huffs out a laugh

okay granted it’ll probably end up being the second conversation about how the Soldier is not the same boy Robb grew up with but goddammit this is Theon, he let him fall once before and he can’t do it again if he can help it

but the banter is easy enough to fall back into, even for a few minutes

YES YES YES I totally approve asdfghjkl also ARGH ROBB HE’D FEEL SO GUILTY ;_________; *CRIES* also oh dear if it’s in the secret cave of secrecy then it’s with stannis *and* sam present? (and possibly ygritte if I go with my plan of ‘clint not being mentioned in cap II was the only thing I didn’t get the reasoning behind so she should totally be in the fic at some point’) oh dear. Stannis would probably grit his teeth to oblivion even if he’s still half-dead with Sam being like ‘director, director, don’t get frustrated now, they’re actually as adorable as it gets let them have a moment’ xDDDD

Sam, you sweetheart, letting them have their brief moment of brotherly bickering before everything goes straight to shit

at this point it’s like everyone can see all the guilt Robb is carrying around, and both Jon and Dacey take turns reassuring him that none of it was his fault, he couldn’t have known all right

(Ygritte is not helpful she just up and tells Robb that seventy years of brainwashing is not going away with a knock to the head like what happened with her in New York

seventy years is not going away period Stark

"that would be the third conversation I’ve had on the subject Ygritte" Robb says as they’re gearing up "but I am not giving up on him")

Yep exactly saint Sam giving everyone time to have their moment of sort of decent time before we have to deal with going straight to DOOOOOOOOM

(lol yes Ygritte would totally be like that and after that answer she’d just go like ‘christ I didn’t want any further proof that you’re like THAT for real btw that was a compliment’ ‘…. okay then thanks?’ XDDD)

(also I had plans for jaime and brienne showing up towards the end but like, they’d be early enough to help arresting people/clearing shit up but too late to stop the one-on-one going on between those other two idiots also because Robb would be like NO ONE DARE INTERFERE HERE and ygritte is the only one left to explain what the heck is going on. that would probably end up being as cracky as the thor recast)

Sam and Dacey doing their best to let everyone in the cave have a moment of calm - even for Stannis though he mostly just grinds his teeth and tells them all to get it over with they have helicarriers to put down

hmm if we’re going by movie timeline they could show up around the time the helicarriers start crashing, find Robb on the riverbank with no trace of Theon anywhere

and while Robb is unconscious and Dacey and Jon are anxiously holding vigil Ygritte is stuck with explaining the whole situation to them with some editing and it ends up like this:

"Are you telling me," Jaime flatly says, "that not only was SHIELD compromised right from the very beginning by HYDRA, Stark’s best friend was brainwashed and turned into an infamous Cold War assassin as well? And, oh, yes, let us not forget the part where /Snow put every single scrap of information in SHIELD’s database on the Internet/."

"The way you talk a mile a minute, Lannister, I hadn’t pegged you as someone who shut up for long enough to listen," Ygritte snaps back.

Stannis would totally do that and at some point Sam would just roll his eyes and put Davos on the line (the agents of shield people under Davos are all the relevant westeros bastards except Jon y/y?) at which he’d probably STOP fretting for five minutes. Then he’d be back to grinding teeth XDD

Yes yes totally and then someone should point out that during the ALIENS INVADING THE WORLD business he had said he had HACKED EVERY DEEPEST SECRET SHIELD EVER HELD BUT HE MISSED THE PART WHERE HALF OF IT WAS HYDRA (also Jarvis = Arthur Dayne digitalized y/n?) - probably it’s Jon pointing that out, at which he goes like ‘WELL SOMEONE CAN MISS SOMETHING YOU KNOW THAT WAS A LOT OF DATA’

Ygritte just cracks up which is probably very inappropriate since Robb is still out but what can you do

aaaaa Davos is one of the few people Stannis trusts implicitly, everybody else is treated with some measure of suspicion because guess what happened the last time he trusted someone not named Davos Seaworth

Robb wakes up the first time to Dacey at his bedside and Trouble Man playing as per TWS canon, the second is to most of the Avengers in his room arguing

"EXCUSE ME SNOW I was going to go through those files later but then my house was blown up and someone kidnapped my brother and the president don’t you watch the news" "I’m a spy you ass sometimes I can’t - oh hey Robb you’re awake again"

meanwhile Robb just gives Brienne this look that goes “I’m beginning to get what you mean by the whole time bomb thing now”

YEP IF IT DOESN’T HAVE THE DAVOS STAMP OF APPROVAL HE DOESN’T TRUST IT. Or at least he has to do looong evaluations before trusting it. (In this verse no one was kept in the dark about Davos surviving NY and at the end he shows up at Stannis’s fake grave like YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL I HAD TO CLEAN HYDRA SHIT UP WITH MY TEAM AND TO DEAL WITH THAT CLAREVOYANT IDIOT OR I’D HAVE BEEN HERE PUNCHING YOU IN THE FACE FOR THE SCARE YOU GAVE ME. Stannis probably blushes for the first time in his life and everyone else is like ‘oh god that’s actually cute THIS IS NOT COMPUTING’)

Hahahaha Brienne would probably just lean back in the chair like ‘ikr that’s why I’m so not taking part in his conversation here have some orange juice’ at which Jaime would probably be like YOU’RE BETRAYING THE SCIENCE BRO CODE YOU SHOULD SIDE WITH ME and she doesn’t even negate that she’s his supposed science bro because like hell she’s taking part in that conversation

Also Robb and Dacey going on road trips omg. (Except that when they’re in the middle of it Jon calls and is like ‘oh and I forgot to tell you but I think your bff was checking on you in the hospital’ ‘YOU FORGOT WHAT’ ‘I wasn’t sure but hey I figured I should warn you that he’s probably following you and not the reverse’ XD)

In songs, the hero always saved the maiden from the monster’s castle, but life was not a song, no more than Jeyne was Arya Stark.

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Whoa, did that dude just walk away leaving a Lannister looking emotionally destroyed? Now I DEFINITELY want to bang him.
Oberyn Martell, probably. (via festeringfae)

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Chrys watches GoT [x]

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Anonymous: Are you in a relationship?

Negative. I’m relishing the single life, as it is right now..

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spoilers under the tag

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dreamedofyou: Lmao, my parents just finished watching the 2nd ep and none of them suspects any of the Tyrells. The most hilarious thing is that they think it was TYWIN. Lmao, don't think I've heard /that one/ before! xDD crying! The 2nd person on their suspect list is Sansa. Oh my. xD

… hey that’s a level of crackpot that’s actually not THAT terrible - like at least it’s not Oberyn! I mean, I can sorta see why you’d say Tywin without knowing the rest but Sansa is kind of WHY XDD

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dreamedofyou: Omg, I just had a dream about asoiaf/got (I think this was the first time). xD Basically, I dreamt there was going to be some important feast in King's Landing, so lots of people in high places were invited. I was invited too, but I wasn't really from an important family or anything. The reason was that I was very valuable to the Lannisters because I was some sort of a spy for them and nobody in Westeros even suspected I could secretly work for the Lannisters of all people. (c)

Btw, the only reason I even sided with them was because of Jaime lol. xD Anyway, as I was heading to KL for the feast, I met this man on the way. He had a videocamera with him (which wtf bc Westeros xD) and told me he had the Lannisters’ biggest secrets on it and that he was going to show them to everyone at the feast. So I started plotting how to take him down in order to prevent that. But I didn’t get the chance bc he always had people around him. He did, however, show me the video at (c)

one point, so I knew what was on it. Among other things, there was a video of Cersei admitting the kids were all Jaime’s, so I knew they were all in danger. When we got to KL, the feast started immediately, so I didn’t have any time to warn the Lannisters. However, I was seated just across from Jaime at the table, so I thought to myself I’d get my chance to warn him. But as soon as the celebrations started, the man jumped onto the table and called for everyone’s attention. Everyone fell (c)

quiet and he started airing the video. I knew the part with Cersei was coming in about 20 minutes, so I started mouthing the word “Run” to Jaime. He understood what that meant, so he left the table as discreetly as he could and then escaped (I think he took the kids with him as well, but I’m not sure) somewhere. After the part with Cersei finally aired, a commotion started (basically everyone that wasn’t a Lannister wanted all of their heads). Obviously, they couldn’t find them, since (c)

 I warned Jaime, but they started sending out search parties. I pretended I wanted their heads too (I needed to play my part, after all) and went searching too. I did genuinely want to find them, btw, but I planned on bringing them to a safe secret location Tywin had somewhere. I don’t remember the next part too well, but I know I that somewhere along the search, I ran into Tyrion and then we found Jaime together. As we were bringing him to the secret location (we disguised him, btw), we (c)

stopped at some lord’s castle for appearance’s sake (I think Tyrion had to look like he had a legit reason for being in this part of the country, otherwise people would of course suspect he was here because of Jaime). That’s about when I woke up, lmao. xD Sorry for this longass account of my dream, but I just found it amusing that I actually dreamt about this. It’s a first for me, so I’m kind of excited, lol. xP

haha omg no apologies this is a++++! and hey Jaime being a family member is totes a worthy reason to spy for his family never mind that they can pay you pretty well XDDDD also omg lol I love that all the not entirely horrible Lannisters survived the mob ;) ;) and hey you totally had it better than the one time I had an asoiaf-related dream that I could remember, I’d say for a first it’s pretty awesome :DDD in case anyone is wondering: it happened that like two days before a final I dreamt I died at the red wedding TWICE in the same dream and it made me feel sick for a long time ew

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Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky. I couldn’t have made it without him.

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The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began 71 years ago, on 19th april 1943, and officialy finished on 16th may. It was the largest single revolt by Jews during World War II

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bucky speaks in english most of the time but when he gets truly upset he reverts back to rapid fire russian and he can’t switch back to english until he’s calm again

instead of feeling shut out and useless, steve starts learning russian

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The more I venture into the Theon tag the more I realize that I know a lot more about male anatomy than half of the people pondering/joking about the state of his body parts. Like idek but don’t you learn certain things in middle school science class…..?

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irisparry ha risposto al tuo post “irisparry ha risposto al tuo post “irisparry ha risposto al tuo post…”

ain’t seen times this bad since the aidan turner crisis back in ‘11

I don’t think I had it this bad since ruffalo in ‘12 #ifeelyou #HISFACE

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Hi. I'm Lavinia, 24, I'm from Italy, I study philosophy, I go to marches, I procrastinate a whole damn lot and I fail at being brief. I have a Bruce Springsteen obsession and I have a thing for western movies. I also write too much fanfiction. Otherwise known around the internet as janie_tangerine.

multifandom and not spoiler free. Any GOT spoiler beyond S2, books included: game of thrones spoilers - blacklist at will.

here, have a tags page and a ships and fandoms page


"You sound like Henry, man. He had a tower, too, only it wasn’t dark. Remember me telling you about Henry’s tower? We were brothers, and I guess we were gunslingers. We had this white tower, and he asked me to go after it with him the only way he could ask, so I saddled up, because he was my brother, you dig it? We got there, too. Found the White Tower. But it was poison. It killed him. It would have killed me. You saw me. You saved more than my life. You saved my fucking soul."

Eddie Dean to Roland Deschain, The Drawing of the Three, Dark Tower series book II

ps: Roland/Eddie is the Best Ship Ever and this is the truth.