Your not friendly quick post of 3.30 am brought by looking at tumblr on mobile without xkit brings you a quick pearl of wisdom

You wanna get someone into something, do not wonder first thing in your post why the heck a fandom they might be in since it’s the same genre as the one you wanna pimp even exists, because if the first thing i hear is ‘why you are wasting time enjoying this thing which i decided is not something cool to enjoy instead of being into what i like’ chance is i will never spend ten minutes to check out your series even if the writer is the james joyce of the 21st century according to every serious critic ever

Fucking really. Bye i am going to bed now before i burst a blood vessel sorry for the interruptiom

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There’s a new Wild Cards novel coming! Head to Goodreads for a chance to win an advance copy.

Yo @theblondemermaid !!!!!!!!!!!


There’s a new Wild Cards novel coming! Head to Goodreads for a chance to win an advance copy.

Yo @theblondemermaid !!!!!!!!!!!

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they call him the winter soldier

B U C K Y ?

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Ai Siciliani su tumblr



A volte mi capita di andare su blog americani o non italiani e vedere persone che si identificano come “siciliani” perché hanno parenti o nonni siciliani e non “italiani” perché considerano le cose separate.

Io non sono siciliana, quindi mi chiedevo come fosse per una persona nata e cresciuta in sicilia leggere queste affermazioni? E’ condivisibile? Strano? Indifferente?

Taggando italiansreclaimingitaly nel caso volesse diffondere la domanda!

Sharing the questions for our followers. How do you feel, Sicilians in particular, about people (non-Italians and not living in Italy, but with Italian heritage) who identify as Sicilians but not as Italians because they consider the two things to be separated?

Personally, I think there’s nothing to identify with. We’re not talking about an ethnicity or a set of values. For the same reason I wouldn’t understand “identifying as an Italian”. How do you identify as a nationality? Then again, I also think that people who take a genuine interest in Italian or Sicilian (or any region’s) language, culture, history etc are awesome, whether they’re exploring their family’s roots or starting from scratch. You can be Italian in your own way without having to prove anything, it’s not like we have a special badge for access. Your passion is all that’s needed.

In the end, I guess it’s a personal matter that each individual settles on their own. I don’t “identify” as Calabrese or as French because I have some relatives/ancestors from those places. I simply take interest in their cultures and let that knowledge shape who I am. I don’t feel like it has to be made into such a huge statement, but I understand and accept those who do for personal reasons (because who am I to judge them?).

There’s two things I absolutely cannot accept: considering Sicily as something that is not part of Italy and claiming to identify as Sicilian while completely ignoring its history and culture (or worse, twisting them for your own purposes, but I hope we’ve all grown more mature than that).

Let us know your opinions! Reblog, submit, ask, write your own post using the tag “identifying as sicilians" and possibly keeping it in English, so that everyone can understand and benefit from your contributions (or we become a useless resource). You can also send an e-mail or tweet (#SicilianIdentity). All the links are in the blog’s homepage!

So, I wasn’t born and raised in Sicily but I’m Sicilian on my mother’s side and she spent a good part of her life there same as my grandparents, and I go there extensively so I suppose I qualify, and the short answer to the question is: the first time I read a post by someone writing that they identified as Sicilians but not Italians because *Italy was Sicily’s oppressor* first I thought they were trolling, then I realized they weren’t, my jaw fell low enough that it hit the desk and I thought what is this person smoking.

Longer answer: it’s.. just.. it doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I swear literally no one Sicilian I know thinks they’re not Italian as well as Sicilian - of course they take pride in the region they come from (even if I think most sicilians should take three steps back, look at their life and their choices when it comes to the way Sicily works generally, but that’s another matter entirely), but if I went and asked anyone there ‘do you think Sicily should be independent because it’s not really the same as Italy’ they’d ask me what the hell I was smoking. Now there are people who think that the unification was a bad deal and that it was just some kind of ploy to weaken the southern part of Italy, but it’s not exclusive so Sicily, that’s an issue for the entire southern part of Italy and if someone says they’d like to have the southern kingdom back as it was before the Risorgimento it’s usually not just Sicilians, it’s people from Sicily/Campania/Calabria/you go on. Never mind that I think it’s nonsense because what, would they want to get back under the Spanish monarchy then, but anyway, the large majority of people I know there and that I know of wouldn’t even go and consider this kind of thing. Also no one thinks, I dunno, Pirandello or Verga or what have you are Sicilian literature or that Bellini was a Sicilian musician the same way you’d consider, I dunno, Yeats an exponent of Irish literature even if Ireland wasn’t an independent nation for the entirety of his life/when he started writing literature. They’re Italian. The end. Now, if these people had, I dunno, grandparents who emigrated somewhere else and were in favor of the borbonic regime I can see why they wouldn’t identify as Italian since I suppose their grandparents/parents might have told them that Italy went and conquered themselves a piece of land because money, but for someone who was born there or who wanted the unification (and there were) it’s just… a very bizarre notion. To say the least. It’s not the same as Sardinia at all I’m not even considering the whole PADANIA IS A REAL THING angle because lol no. That stated: I wouldn’t really care about what these people think if they didn’t actively spread this concept that Sicily isn’t Italy and if they’d didn’t put it as we’re speaking for all Sicilians because *we* are Sicilians so everyone thinks the same as us when talking about these issues because they absolutely are not speaking for all Sicilians especially when they haven’t even been here once but only heard about it from their grandparents. As it is, since they do, I find this attitude both rude and offensive as fuck, especially if it comes with gems like ‘oh I see all these white Sicilians silencing the POC Sicilians like me because they have internalized racism and want to side with the Italian oppressors’, which is at once dumb, offensive and ignorant as fuck because while we can argue about the unification, saying that there’s racial oppression based on skin color in Sicily is just the most laughable statement in existence. There’s a wide range of people in that sense since you get both Norman descent and Arabian (case: my mom’s side of the family is Arabian, her brother’s wife is of Norman descent, they have two twins, one of them has very dark skin with dark curly hair and the other is blonde, pale and with blue eyes, that’s all within the same family and I can guarantee you 100% that no one oppresses each other), but no one gives a fuck about your skin tone in that sense. Especially in between Sicilians. It’s just complete nonsense. Then the person I’m thinking of also went and said once that the mafia was all a ploy Garibaldi came up with to give Sicilians a bad name and proceeded on spreading misinformation about that which imo was the worst thing about that specific instance, because that’s not just dumb and offensive, it was also dangerous and showed that they didn’t even bother to pick up a book on the history of Sicily, but that can of worms is best left unopened. So, tldr: these people can think what they want if it makes sense for them, but the moment they try to make it pass as something actual Sicilians would agree with they’re spreading misinformation and making themselves look rather stupid.

On the other side, if someone has Sicilian ancestry and wants to learn more about the culture and stuff they’re absolutely welcome to, it’s not like we don’t like to share - because we definitely do. Hey, if someone actually wants to learn the language or read the literature or come here and visit their ancestors’ hometown it’s amazing - heck, at my grandmother’s village they used to have this day in summer which was called… something like ‘the immigrant’s feast’, basically they tried to gather in there as many people who were born there and left for somewhere else so they could talk about their experiences while everyone was partying with free food/drinks, and if they couldn’t come they talked on Skype. Like I’m pretty sure one year they had this Skype conference in the town square with I think people from Australia whose parents or grandparents came from there with both the parents/grandparents and the descendants and they shared stories and the ones who hadn’t been in Sicily yet were all like ‘we really want to come at some point’ and the others were like you’ll be welcome when you do. We’re talking about a 1200 inhabitants small town which is never gonna end up on any generic tourist guide of the area since it’s not Taormina or Modica or any place worth making a detour, but that attitude isn’t uncommon at all, so no one doesn’t want people with Sicilian ancestry. We totally do. It’s the assumption that all the stuff above is valid for people actually born and raised here rather than just for the people speaking up that makes no sense whatsoever and makes me wonder if these people really care about their heritage or want to score some oppression points and since their Sicilian heritage is the one thing they can use in that sense (even if it makes literally no sense to do it) then they spin the story like that.

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i will be laughing about bucky's fall set to "bye bye little sebastian" FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

Good because i will do the same and tbh actually laughing about that scene is a good thing at least i don’t feel sheer pain every time i look at it

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Sebastian Stan vs People Calling Bucky Barnes a Villain/Bad Guy

rotfl sereppu where are you for the greatest hits of this

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'I dreamed of you,' he said.

Jaime & Brienne Appreciation Week

           Day 1 - Moment you fell in love

"Ser Jaime?" Even in soiled pink satin and torn lace, Brienne looked more like a man in a gown than a proper woman. "I am grateful, but … you were well away. Why come back?"

A dozen quips came to mind, each crueler than the one before, but Jaime only shrugged. "I dreamed of you," he said.

That up there was the moment yours truly realized she was well and truly fucked as far as this ship went - I had been heavily considering it long before this line happened, but that was what cemented it and made me go from ‘I like them a lot’ to ‘well darn it OTP MATERIAL HERE’, and so I figured that since it was the day one theme, I could try and do some meta-ing about it. Then I figured that since Jaime is not the only one having interesting dreams about Brienne but the reverse is also valid, I could do some meta-ing on both instances. So what you’re getting here is a) me blathering about the line above, b) me blathering about the actual dream, c) me blathering about the three times Brienne dreams of Jaime in AFFC. Which is going to amount to, how I think this whole having dreams about each other business is totally one of reasons there’s a very high chance they’ll be a thing because it’s written in the ‘they love each other or if they don’t they will’ sense, but I digress. Cut because it’s really long. /o\

Read More

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Let me share my theme woes with you. ALL the themes work on my saved URL (apollobolton, inspired by our discussion) and none of them work on my main blog. It just has a gigantic as fuck wall of code before my posts begin. Could you please tell me your theme so I can try it out and see if it works for me?

hahahah omg apollobolton is an a++++++ url tbqh XDDD and sure thing, it’s theme number one on this page - let me now if it works? Tho tbh with me it’s really something random, it’s not that the few themes that don’t make the blog look like shit have anything in common usually so I really have no clue what’s up with this specific glitch.. :/

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Where's your quote from that's on your side blog? :) It starts "You sound like Henry, man." Sounds, really cool haha.

It’s a quote from the second book of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. It’s also incidentally what I called the defining moment of my OTP of all times ;) ;)

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steve/bucky + the gaslight anthem’s get hurt (8/16)
helter skeleton

See, I know the taste of the spike in your brainsAs you crawl to me, a little closer to meI guess you’re in the place I used to be baby,Now it’s down to me, so simply down to me,Oh but I’m a fool and I fall apart too easilyBut you know me, how I love to be Madame MiseryCome and visit me, I’m on the 99th floor of apathyBut you can still lean on me if you wanna,Why don’t you lean on me for a while?Since you only get high on the weekends,Why don’t you feed on me tonight? [x]

steve/bucky + the gaslight anthem’s get hurt (8/16)

helter skeleton

See, I know the taste of the spike in your brains
As you crawl to me, a little closer to me
I guess you’re in the place I used to be baby,
Now it’s down to me, so simply down to me,
Oh but I’m a fool and I fall apart too easily
But you know me, how I love to be Madame Misery
Come and visit me, I’m on the 99th floor of apathy

But you can still lean on me if you wanna,
Why don’t you lean on me for a while?
Since you only get high on the weekends,
Why don’t you feed on me tonight? [x]

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there’s some kind of neighborhood party in my street

and the rock-blues cover band the porter of my building’s in is playing just below my window and they’re good enough that I’m not trying to drown the sound with anything else but I really have to share this

the singer just explained Johnny Cash’s Cocaine Blues as ‘this is a lyric from Johnny Cash, which isn’t that well-known in Italy since well, it’s in English, and it’s about this guy, we think he’s a pretty terrible person in the beginning since he killed his wife but then we find out she had cheated on him with five other people so it teaches us that maybe we should never stop at the first stanza while reading a lyric’, all with a roman accent that made it sound even more 100% poetry.

I’m moved.

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What do you think of Darcy Lewis?

She’s cool! Not in my top five MCU characters but she cracks me up a lot, I entirely support her amazing love story with the intern and she’s generally pretty awesome. Also I love her interactions with Thor. XD the only thing I don’t get is why she’s the fandom bicycle (I mean, I see her paired with just about everyone even if they never met and I don’t know where it comes from) but it’s not like I mind it. 

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FYI. The best day of my life happened when I realized that my favourite throbb shipper also does stucky. Like, I can die in peace now, happily. THANK YOU

Aaah omg thank you so much anon! <3333 also you have great taste in shipping ;) ;)

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Thor is like a giant, amazingly muscular, alien golden retriever.

.. THAT’S A VERY GOOD DESCRIPTION INDEED. Sigh, I love thor so much <3333

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